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Pediatric Feeding Therapy Specialist Course
All About Feeding Therapy

Fun meals for a small child
Making mealtime fun for children

What This Course Offers


Occupational Therapy Role in Feeding

Not only will the role of occupational therapy be included but interdisciplinary roles will also be provided!



This course provides several intervention ideas (including tools and handouts) that you can utilize in your feeding therapy sessions.


Behavioral Management

Just like any occupational therapy session, a child may have behaviors that are impacting their therapy. I have included a section to help navigate behaviors in your feeding therapy sessions!


Feeding Therapy Approaches

There are many ways we can approach a child that is presenting with feeding difficulties. I provide several options for you as an Occupational therapist to provide your best judgment on what you think your client/child needs.


Important Feeding Terminology

Throughout the course, you will learn important terminiology such as Pediatric Feeding Disorder, Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, Meltable Hard Solids, Food Jagging, and so much more!


Printable Resources

This course provides several of Kristin's TPT resources that can be utilized during your feeding therapy sessions or for parents to use at home!


Learning Objectives

1. Identify 4 occupational therapy roles in feeding therapy.

2. Define at least 10 feeding and eating terminologies.

3. Demonstrate knowledge in the 3 stages of the feeding therapy treatment process.

4. Identify 5 feeding therapy approaches

5. Identify 3 skills required for a patient to participate in group feeding therapy.

6. Identify the risks of patients that currently have malnutrition or a limited food repertoire.

7. Understand the different intervention approaches for various conditions.

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