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Children's Books Related to Food

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Reading books can provide a safe space for children that have difficulties with food and mealtime; it does not require the child to touch or try actual food. Here is a list of recommended books to read to your child to teach them about food and table manners.

Pete the Cat: Three Bite Rule by Kimberly & James Dean

  • In this book, a character shares the importance of trying something new three times! The new something can include a food your child has never explored before. This book sets a great example that everyone is involved in the learning process, no matter what age, and that it is important to be a good role model for others learning.

Just Try One Bite by Adam Mansbach & Camila Alves McConaughey

  • In this book, the roles are reversed! The children in the family teach the parents how to be good food explorers and why eating certain foods is important.

Daniel Tries a New Food by Becky Friedman

  • In this book, food exploration is encouraged! The characters make a banana dessert dish and use language to explain what the food looks like and how it feels throughout the baking process. The book role models an example of the characters initially saying, "I don't like the food," even though they have not tried it and end up liking it after it is tried!

Table Talk: A Book About Table Manners by Julia Cook

  • In this book, the table character explains what good table manners look like. Good table manners, such as cleaning your hands, respecting others, and removing all distractions that do not include food.

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